To most people, Irina Lazar had a dream job. As an event producer, she traveled the world, met interesting people, and was privy to some of the most exciting events the creative industry had to offer. But when a new opportunity came along to open a bar and lounge in Mexico City, she had to take a leap of faith. The result is Supra, a social space set atop an unassuming building overlooking the city, along with its companion nightlife space & sound room Nova just a floor below. As her first hospitality project, Lazar made sure she didn’t miss a detail. The venues houses both Mexican and international artists—including work by Pau Malo, Carlito Dalceggio, Diana Garcia, Sara Nory, Ricardo Luevanos, and HYBYCOZO (along with Katia Guzman and Paolo Montiel who worked on Nova) among others—a diverse musical programming, vibrant food, and an eclectic scene to indulge in it all. More importantly, Supra and Nova give Lazar’s penchant for bringing people together a permanent home. It’s never been a more exciting time to be part of Mexico City’s thriving cultural scene, so we caught up with Lazar to learn about what Supra is bringing to it.