Hidden hobby or talent that’s revealed itself?

I never showed my work, or worse myself, on social media. And a friend nudged me. She said I had a gift to share with the world and to stop hiding it. So the first day of quarantine, I thought, well if the world is ending what better time than to do what scares me most. So I started to post videos of myself talking about design. And then I found myself teaching elements of design. Which was so well received that I developed online courses for people to take in order to master life at home since we’re here for a while. It’s all about how to maximize personal well-being and joy, and find that much needed, especially now, work/life balance using the RiDESIGN methodology I created. 

I think we all have an innate talent to be of service to each other. But life before quarantine had us all so busy trying to keep up. I think in the busy-ness it’s easy to forget why we are even so busy to begin with! And this pause has served as, at least for me, a reminder to use my gifts to bring more beauty, inspiration and love to others in any way I can.