I feel sexy, empowered and like I want to invite the whole neighborhood over for tea. As I went through my apartment, I discovered so many treasures from my travels and ‘ri’designed them in a new way. I finally have a space that is a complete reflection of me. The energy has completely shifted.

Courtney Scott

I enjoyed every moment of this course! It felt like I was treating myself to a private wellness retreat. Riri is such an inspiring and educated guide (and fun!). The energy of my personal space and my organizational habits have transformed. I now feel more creative, confident and productive.

Vanessa Lowe

Riri has inspired me beyond words since the moment I met her in Tulum, Mexico back in 2015 where she designed and curated the opening space and experiences for the now global hospitality group, Habitas. Her design and taste opened up a new door for me, bringing me into a world of deep connection, a deeper connection with myself and with spaces in general, ones that bring all the sexy, sensual, loving, heart warming, cozy vibes. She made me feel and experience for the first time what a nurturing, warm and inviting space feels like. To her I am forever grateful.

Brittany Weeden

I took Irina’s course mid-covid quarantine, at a wholly uninspiring moment in time.  My husband and I were living with my family in Massachusetts + paying rent for what was meant to be a temporary crash pad in NYC. I was barely working and my husband was working non-stop. We were in a rut and not particularly motivated to do anything about it.As I took Irina’s course, I noticed an energetic shift.  Her approach teaches that your home should inspire you, and I realized that was missing for us. I booked a train ticket to NYC with the intention of finding and purchasing a new home that week.  On the train, I was fed an ad for the most perfect rug. I bought it and told myself I would find an apartment for it. I did… the very next day.  Manifestation at its finest. We will certainly be using this guide to design a home that inspires us in every room. Thank you, Irina, for the motivational work, inspiration to make change, and guidance to design a beautiful + functional living space.

Kaleigh Flynn